Friday, December 1, 2006

My mutant children

Emmie Lou Who was eating a pretzel on Thursday and said, "Mom, my tooth hurts my front tooth when I bite this!" I thought "oh great. She cracked a tooth" (or something since her front teeth are filed flat from biting or grinding or whatever the hell it is she does.) So, being the wonderful mother that I am, I look in her mouth.

SHE HAS SHARK MOUTH just. like. her. sister.

She's got a wiggly bottom front tooth and just peeking out from behind it...her first permanent tooth. And she's already asked me if we could call every person we know to tell them the news.
What is with my mutant children??? (I've never even heard of shark mouth before Kasia got it. Must be TFB's weird genetics. I never had it as a kid!)

Now if only the damn thing would fall out on its own. (If it takes more than a month or two they'll yank it at the dentist.)

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