Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Who Let the Frog Out? *ribbit ribbit ribbit*

Ok, so technically he's a toad, but STFU. He went from post hole to palace. (Ok, so it's the wreck we call home.)

And no, I'm NOT kissing him to find out if he's a prince in disguise. (Although I did almost convince one of the kids to give it a whirl.)

He's a fat little bastard (TFB2?) and is due for some tasty crickets. And even though he's a hefty one - he's QUICK! (And apparently likes to pee on TFB. Hee hee...) You can see his size in relation to the hands (and knees) in the picture. That would be my 9 year old. This is one of his slimmer days (before tasty crickets).

Of course, in letting him out to play, we had to dance around and sing the song. Always an adventure around here, it is.

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